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The Heritage Circle Fund

The Channing House Heritage Circle honors those whose planned gifts help provide amenities that enrich the lives of our residents. Annual grants from the Heritage Circle Fund have been used to support video improvements in our auditorium, underwrite recreational trips for residents, conduct music therapy in the Lee Center, add olive trees and furniture to the rooftop gardens and much more.  

To learn more, contact Channing House CEO & Executive Director Rhonda Bekkedahl at 650-327-0950 or email rbekkedahl@channinghouse.org.

From the Mouths of the Amazing

Channing House Heritage Circle members on why they gave:


“They loved Channing House and felt at home there. Dad spoke of the residents with admiration. They both appreciated the work of the Channing team. They considered Channing House their community. They wanted to support it.”


– Cindy Pease-Alvarez, daughter of Barbara and Gil Pease
Channing House residents from 2002-2016


“He [Channing House founder Dr. Russel V.A. Lee] must have known he was not going to benefit personally from this work, but he spent enormous energy creating it in the best way he could. So, when I heard about the Heritage Circle I thought, ‘Yes, here is another way to sustain and advance that vision. We who are living here now can give to those who follow us.’”


– Mary Kiki Wilcox
Channing House resident from 1997-2020


“I love going to the San Francisco Ballet. Thanks to a grant from the Heritage Circle Fund, I have a carefree ride in the Channing House bus to the Opera House to see performances. I am very grateful to the generous donors to the fund who make this service possible.”


– Carol Bacchetti
Channing House resident from 2003 – present


“The Heritage Circle is an easy way to enhance life for Channing House residents. Numerous programs and special events are provided by this fund.  We have been enthusiastic participants for the ten years we have lived here.”


– Laurie and Joanna Liston
Channing House resident from 2012 – present

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