Acts of Kindness Don’t Need to Be Random

How Channing House residents strengthen their community with kindness. 

We celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17th, but what exactly does that mean? At Channing House, we believe acts of kindness are a way of life, and maybe they aren’t all that random. We practice kindness every day because we know that being nice to others is great for us.

What does it mean to be “Channing House” nice?

Generosity is contagious. When someone does something nice for you, it makes you want to reciprocate. Sometimes it’s the little things like helping each other navigate tech issues, recommending a walking aid, or assistance with writing a check that make the biggest difference. What might seem like a small gesture to you could make another person’s entire day.

Acts of service

We take care of each other at Channing House. There are always people looking to help make our community a more neighborly place. Through selflessness, we deepen our bonds.

A handful of residents recounted experiences that made them feel warm toward their neighbors at Channing House:

“On election day, my neighbor came down to drop off her ballot in the outgoing mail, but she realized she had missed the mail pick up and was distraught. Another neighbor was walking by and overheard her dilemma. She set down her dinner and selflessly offered to give her a ride to the nearest ballot drop box, saving the day!” said resident Cathy D.

“So many people I know go and read or just visit with their friends in Skilled Nursing. In fact, my friend Barbara reads novels every week to a former floor friend who is now in Skilled Nursing. Many others do the same,” said resident Marcia P.
“My neighbor Craig is now my Xfinity Hero! He spent nearly two hours on the phone with a customer service rep for me so I could have some things updated on my account. Most heroic of all, he was extremely polite to customer service rep. Way beyond what I expected, but that’s just Craig,” gushed Elizabeth C.

Acts of affection

There’s nothing better than a little surprise to make your day sparkle. Our residents love the chance to put a smile on someone’s face. Kind gestures build stronger communities. A few residents shared some of their favorite Channing House memories:

“My friend Frances brightens residents’ lives by delivering a sweet treat of berries to their doors. Her father used to do similar things for his neighbors, and she enjoys how appreciative people are of these small offerings,” Marcia P said.

Perpetuating kindness

The idea behind Random Acts of Kindness Day is that we pay it forward. If someone randomly performs an act of kindness, like paying for your coffee or holding open a door, you could in turn do something kind for someone else. We encourage everyone to perform one random act of kindness for someone every day.

If you’re looking for a friendly and generous atmosphere to call home, we can’t wait to meet you. Call us today at 650-324-7587.

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