Current Visitor Protocols

We have received updated visitor guidance that allows us to relax some of the outside visitor restrictions. 

Updated outside Visitor Guidance is listed below and is effective immediately:

  • Outside visitors are now allowed in all common areas of Channing House. Visitors must wear masks in indoor common areas. This means outside visitors may now frequent the gift shop, library, auditorium, and all other common areas in our building that were off limits before.
  • Outside visitors need to continue adhering to mask wearing while indoors. 
  • Outside visitors should be accompanied by the resident they are visiting if they linger in common areas. Escorting to and from a resident’s apartment is still not necessary.
  • Outside visitors should always wear their visitor badge while on the premises.
  • Please be mindful of how many outside visitors you invite to Channing House at once, as to avoid crowding common areas. 

In general, outside visitors should not be eating and drinking in most common areas.  However, we are designating a few areas of the community where your outside visitors can enjoy food and beverage indoors with you.

Below are the venues where outside visitors may enjoy food and beverage:

  • 11th floor- this venue is large enough to accommodate many outside visitors at once, but we ask that you please notify the front desk if you would like to make a reservation for this venue that includes more than ten outside visitors. 
  • Main Dining Room with reservation scheduled with Dining Services
  • Lee Center Dining Rooms with reservation
  • All outdoor areas

As a reminder, your outside visitor may remove their mask in your apartment, and eat in your apartment as well, if you are comfortable with it.

Visitors dining in the Tower dining room will be seated in Quad 1 so that Quads 2, 3 and 4 are always resident-only.

To ensure availability of all dining room locations, please make reservations for any outside visitors at least 24-hours in advance. You may make a reservation by calling x558 for reservations in the Tower, or by contacting Cirenis McMillin, Life Enrichment Manager, at x572 for reservations in the Lee Center. The 24-hour advanced notice is required in all dining locations.

Efforts are underway to reopen the guest rooms for outside visitors in the near future. Once those rooms are restored for use we will make an announcement. We do not have an estimated date of opening at this time. But, we wanted you to know that we know this is important to many of you.

The following are requirements that remain in effect for visitors who will be entering the building: 

  • Visitors who are Fully Vaccinated will not be required to provide a negative Covid test result 
  • Fully Vaccinated is defined by Public Health as 2 doses of Pfizer or Moderna and 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson. 

If a visitor is unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, or unable to provide documentation of vaccination, one of the following will be required: 

  • A negative test result obtained by Rapid Testing conducted in the presence of Channing House staff. The visitor will need to provide their own test kit. 
  • A negative test result by PCR Testing obtained within 48 hours of the visit. 

Please contact Yadira Aldana via email or at Ext. 589 for any questions or concerns.

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