Give Your “Stuff” a New Life

The unique way one Channing House couple downsized. 

Channing House residents Marlys and Leo Keoshian are California natives and longtime Palo Alto citizens. Leo retired from Stanford Hospital in 1996 where he was a hand surgeon for decades, and Marlys had a long career in health care administration before retirement. The Keoshians know Channing House well—their house was just eight blocks away.

Maryls’ mother was a Channing House resident and the Keoshians enjoyed visiting her over the years. “Legacy families are becoming more common here. We’re not the only ones,” said Marlys.

Rethink downsizing

The Keoshians were collectors of art and unique furniture. They know better than anyone, it can take a lifetime to curate your home, but too much stuff can also be a burden. Downsizing is easy depending on your outlook.

The Keoshians chose to look at downsizing as a blessing. They said goodbye to the 1920s-era, Mediterranean-style house they called home for 43 years. They loved their house, and many familiar with Palo Alto will remember the house with all the artwork of hands in the windows. A lot of their art has traveled with them to their current residence at Channing House.

There are many ways to get rid of stuff, but an auction is a great way to let go of things like antique furniture and art pieces. Bonhams San Francisco helped the Keoshians find new owners for their valuable furniture and décor which allowed Marlys and Leo to focus on choosing new furniture for their apartment at Channing House. 

Planning your next home

The expansion of the second floor of Channing House brought them to the community in 2016. They wanted an apartment with a full kitchen because cooking is important to them.

“It was a blank slate because it was a new apartment.” Marlys described, “We designed everything to maximize square footage. We had built-ins put into every room. All the cabinetry in all the rooms is the same, and it just leaves a lot of room and space for well-positioned furniture. We feel we have managed well to create a workable and comfortable living space.”

The couple worked with a design team during the construction phase of the second-floor expansion and they helped create furniture and shelving to fit the space.

Urban retirement living

The Keoshians love trips to nearby specialty markets and food stores. Palo Alto makes it easy for them to be foodies. “That’s the real treat! It’s in nice neighborhood right in downtown Palo Alto, which is completely flat and walkable. It’s a slam dunk. We can walk to the train, and from the train we can go anywhere we want.” Marlys said.

If you’re considering downsizing, we’re here to help. Book your tour today by calling one of our Life Care counselors at 650-327-0950.

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