Introducing AgeSTRONG, Integrated Wellness Care For Channing House Residents

As Channing House’s on-site wellness provider, AgeSTRONG offers annual fitness screens, a variety of group wellness classes, and personalized exercise programs alongside educational tools like monthly blog posts and quarterly health talks. With the opening of a new therapy clinic on campus this fall, AgeSTRONG services will expand to also offer outpatient rehabilitation support including physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

One of the many benefits of AgeSTRONG providers is their ability to establish trusting, genuine relationships with residents; giving them peace of mind as they maintain their health overtime. 

Based on a proven model from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, John A. Hartford Foundation, American Hospital Association and the US Catholic Health Association, the AgeSTRONG integrated care system can result in shorter non-surgical stays, prevention of future injury, faster achievement of care goals, and overall, a more gratifying patient experience. 

Throughout all levels of care, residents are encouraged to create customized fitness goals that guide our expert staff toward creating programs that make these goals trackable and achievable. With AgeSTRONG, Channing House residents have consistent and convenient resources, no matter how their needs may change. 

Providing pharmaceutical care, annual health screens, group classes, and personalized fitness plans alongside educational tools like monthly blog posts and quarterly health talks, AgeSTRONG empowers residents to be actively involved in their own health plans.

And that’s just the beginning. Guided by resident needs and innovations in the field, AgeSTRONG is constantly adding new offerings to keep residents feeling engaged with their fitness and preventative health goals. All new benefits within this program are added to the online Resident Portal– a secure hub for messaging, blog posts, class schedules, and medical results, helping residents and staff track progress over time.

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